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The Clarinet Magazine.

“…Javier Llopis delivered an enchanting program, showcasing his virtuosity on B-flat and E-flat clarinets. In particular, the premiere of Martinez Gallaego’s Spanish Folk Variations on Eb clarinet is worth noting…”

FIMA 2012

“…El concertista de clarinete Javier Llopis, interpretó un magnífico e innovador programa de forma insuperable, emocionando al público asistente con su cálido sonido, demostrando un gran virtuosismo y unos recursos de expresión musical, que pusieron a todo el público en pie, recibiendo largas ovaciones bien merecidas, como nunca se habian recibido en este auditorio…”

Nancy Knight, Clarinetist.

“…Having been in Los Angeles, CA. I had the pleasure of hearing Javier Llopis perform Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla on the Eb soprano clarinet. He exhibited the highest degree of mastery in the world of this often dangerous little beast. He had total control of intonation, notes and stage presence. For me it was one of the highlights of the 2011 ClarinetFest. I highly recommend others to seek him out as a performer and teacher…”

PiazzollaVideo, Clatinetblog’s.

“…In the hands of a good clarinetist, the E flat clarinet brings a bright sound to the music; in the hands of a bad clarinetist, it is just screechy. Fortunately the musician in today’s video, is an excellent clarinetist. Llopis performs Adios Nonino in today’s video. His opening cadenza is facile, musical and the phrasing is wonderful a genuine musical treat…”

The Clarinet Magazine.

“…“The concert ended with a virtuosic display on the E-flat Clarinet by Javier Llopis…”

Margaret Thornhill, Clarinetist.

“…A remarkable E-flat clarinetist, Javier Llopis performed virtuoso works by Panizza, Montilla and Piazzolla with fluency, charm and a pure and singing tone…”